SeisWare bags AGM

Austin Geomodeling acquisition adds patented 3D geomodeling to SeisWare’s seismic interpretation software. No involvement in patent tussle.

Calgary-based SeisWare International (formerly Zokero) has acquired Austin Geo-Modeling along with the rights to its patented Recon 3D geological interpretation technology.

SeisWare CEO Ed VanWieren told Oil IT Journal, ‘AGM is now a wholly owned subsidiary of SeisWare. Our goal is now to integrate the application and its workflows tightly into our interpretation suite. This will leverage AGM’s patented 3D interpretation and Cascade technologies. Regarding the patents, SeisWare has the rights to use the patented technologies in all our products. We have not initiated any litigation, nor do we intend to.

Recon was originally developed for Saudi Aramco to correlate and build a stratigraphic framework over the Gawar field, the largest in the world. Its developers, Robin Dommisse and Tron Isaksen were previously involved in the design of Stratamodel and Z-Map Plus. Along with connectivity to Landmark’s openWorks/DecisionSpace environment, Recon is available as a plug-in to Schlumberger’s Petrel. AGM’s enterprise clients include BP, BHP Billiton, Chevron and ConocoPhillips. More from SeisWare.

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