Red Hen System’s year-end cock-a-doodle-doo

Methane emissions detector, laser mapping bundle, $15 Android mobile mapper.

Mobile mapping specialist Red Hen Systems has been busy upgrading its product line. Of interest to oil and gas is a new methane emissions detection solution that multiplexes data from both a Boreal Laser GasfinderAB and a FLIR infrared camera. The tool works from a helicopter or a vehicle. Data can be captured to video and viewed in Google Earth.

A new digital mapping reconnaissance bundle is ready for shipping, comprising a custom configuration of cameras, laser rangefinder, GPS unit, and software all linked through the Red Hen VMS-333 multiplexing system.

A more lightweight solution is the MediaMapper Mobile, a $15 Android mobile mapping app with multiple uses including, for shale operators, ‘counting and geotagging prairie dog dens on public land.’ Captured data can be stored encrypted with the MediaMapper, either on site or in RedHen’s cloud.

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