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Canary Labs, Esri, Batelle, Cisco, Floteck, New Century Software, Palisade, Tibco, Blackhawk Specialty Tools, Yokogawa Electric, Headwave.

Canary Labs has announced new functionality in the ‘Store and Forward’ module V10.1 of its process data historian. More in the video and on use in shale ops on the Canary website.

Esri has announced the ‘next generation of GIS,’ or, in other words, ArcGIS 10.3. A new ArcGIS Pro 64-bit desktop app lets users design and edit in 2D and 3D, work with multiple displays and layouts, and publish maps directly to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, making them available on any device. Other new functionality includes 3D, real-time data and enhances geoprocessing.

Battelle has demonstrated its HorizonVue 360° camera deployed on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The unit can provide a 360-degree live video feed in up to 4,500 meters waterdepth. Watch the video or visit Battelle.

Cisco has a new edition of its C240 M4 grid engine with the latest Intel Haswell E5-2600 V3 processors and Nvidia’s GPU-based virtual desktop infrastructure VDI 2.0.

Flotek Industries has announced a Canadian edition of FracMax, its patent-pending, advanced analytics software leveraging data from 7,700 Canadian wells. The platform features Flotek’s CnF chemistries. The US edition holds data from over 85,000 wells. FracMax is marketed as a service to clients. Its closed architecture provides for ‘consistency and integrity of the data and processes.’

The latest 5.0 release of New Century Software’s Facility Manager enhances pipeline attribute and centerline data management with closer integration with ArcMap, re-station/reverse routes, bulk edits and work order-centric events management.

Palisade has announced @Risk/DecisionTools Suite 7 with a new data viewer that extends spreadsheet data with @Risk charts and graph. Also new is efficient frontier analysis for optimizing project ROI with respect to risk and ‘copulas,’ tools for correlating uncertain variables. A new ‘BigPicture’ diagramming and mind mapping tool for Excel lets users organize thoughts and ideas, or create dynamic maps from spreadsheet data.

Tibco has announced ‘Recommendations’ for Spotfire Cloud, a ‘jumpstart to self service data analytics. Recommendations lest business users select the best visualization for data discovery and storytelling. Recommendations is delivered from the Tibco Spotfire Cloud.

Blackhawk Specialty Tools has developed ‘Hawkeye,’ a wireless top drive cement head that enhances speed, efficiency and safety in cementing operations. The unit removes the need for a hydraulic umbilical and operating console and promises ‘the fastest plug, dart and ball reloads in the industry.’ Radio signal filtering blocks interference from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for increased reliability. Hawkeye is currently in use in both land and offshore operations.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has enhanced its GA10 data-logging software its SmartDac plus data acquisition and control system. GA10 R2.0 comes with optional real-time calculation and reporting functions and enhanced host system connectivity.


Hue’s Michele Isernia pointed out an error in our November 2014 report from the SEG. Neither Headwave nor HUE use Nvidia Index technology.

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