Back to school

IHRDC, Opito, Weatherford, Maersk, AspenTech, Foster Wheeler, Schneider Electric.

IHRDC’s Competency Management System has been approved by the Offshore petroleum industry training organization (Opito) as meeting its standards for evaluating employees’ education and training.

Weatherford has teamed with Maersk to offer scenario-based training for critical wells using Weatherford’s OneSync simulation software.

Safe Software’s new FME knowledge center provides tutorials, sample workspaces and articles.

AspenTech has partnered with Seoul National University to provide localized training for process engineering graduate student internships and other initiatives including joint research and development programs.

Some 100 students at the Institut Teknologi, Brunei just completed Amec/Foster Wheeler’s second annual oil and gas training program. Graduates hailed from the engineering department, the school of business and school of computing and informatics.

Schneider Electric and the US National energy technology laboratory have developed EyeSim, a 3D, immersive, virtual reality tool that provides visibility of plant equipment conditions during operations for ‘informed’ efficiency and safety decision making.

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