de Groot-Brill to release Open dTect V5.0 at Denver SEG

'Freemium’ based seismic interpretation system adds anisotropy, Matlab connectivity and more.

Netherlands-headquartered de Groot-Brill Earth Sciences has announced a beta version of Open dTect 5.0, the ‘official’ version will be presented at the SEG exposition in Denver next month. Open dTect is an open source seismic volume interpretation system marketed on a ‘freemium’ model. The open source edition is a free download while enhancements, plug-ins and services are available commercially.

V 5.0 sees the replacement of the Coin graphics library with the OpenGL-based Open SceneGraph. The new release sees improvements to 2D data handling. A directional texture attribute plugin from Austria’s Joanneum Institute provides multi-azimuth texture analysis for seismic anisotropy investigations. A Matlab connector, developed with funding from BG Group, enables Matlab programs to be run inside Open dTect.

A new interactive 2D horizon cube tracking worfkflow, developed with help from Open dTect’s SSIS consortium, provides GUI enhancements, systems tracts interpretation support and automated fault extraction. dGB is in the process of converting its help files and documentation to HTML5 using MadCap Flare which provides context-sensitive help, a searchable index and table of contents.

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