Terra3E’s Petrel plug-in promises ‘rigorous’ shale volumetrics

Full physics computation of adsorbed gases for different shale types.

French startup Terra3E (for energy, environment and expertise) has announced a shale volumetrics plug-in for Schlumberger’s Petrel geoscience interpretation platform. The plug-in provides ‘rigorous’ volume calculations for Petrel geological models using full physics ‘Langmuir isotherms’ to compute the adsorbed gas volumes. Terra3E’s tool computes initial gas in place and at surface condition. Both adsorbed gases and liquid-rich gases calculations are available for a range of shale types.

The tool provides 3D spatial distribution (maps) of shale facies and porosity. Other features include 3D total organic carbon, overpressure computation and a black oil representation of fluids in liquid-rich shales. Calculations can be compared with log derived values for cross-check and update of the geological model.

Uncertainty ranges for calculated values are provided as volume distribution histograms, P90-P50-P10 values and pie chart. The plug in also produces a Word document summarizing calculation results. Terra3D’s approach was described in a paper presented by Jeremie Bruyelle (Terra 3E) and Dominique Guerillot (now with Qatar Petroleum) at the 2014 International Petroleum Technology Conference held earlier this year in Doha, Qatar.

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