Eclipse parallelized on Univa Grid Engine

Grid computing boutique reports ‘amazing’ reservoir simulation performance on clusters.

Univa Corp. has announced that its Univa Grid Engine (UGE) has been certified by Schlumberger to run its flagship Eclipse reservoir simulator. UGE, a cluster management system, was developed by Univa CTO Fritz Ferstl who ran Sun Microsystems and later Oracle’s grid engine business. Oracle sold its grid IP to Univa in 2013 (an open source flavour, the Open Grid Scheduler, is now a SourceForge project).

UGE is now integrated with the 2014.1 edition of Eclipse. Ferstl commented, ‘Our teams have developed the scripts and completed testing. Running Eclipse using the UGE on high performance clusters is seamless and offers reservoir simulation at an amazing rate.’ In its latest manifestation (Version 8.2, released this month), UGE has improved scalability, performance and resource control for small and large clusters. The latest version also adds native support for Windows machines, both as clients and servers. Univa has also implemented the V2.0 of the Open Grid Forum’s distributed resource management application API0703 for improved application integration and control.

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