Seven Lakes battles ‘archaic’ oil and gas ERP software

Devon Energy endorses Seven Lakes Technologies’ professional assistance.

Seven Lakes Technologies of Westlake Village, CA, has just published a white paper vaunting the merits of data as the ‘new game changer’ in oil and gas, with emphasis on the onshore upstream. Fracking in North America has opened wide the data pipeline but today’s software solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) are ‘archaic,’ duplicating the same information across a distributed architecture.

Often data is captured by hand and may be re-keyed into multiple spreadsheets before it gets to a system of record, if ever! Lack of integration and old-style graphical user interfaces make for sub-optimal analytics.

Seven Lakes’ fix to this revolves around a master data repository development service that includes analysis of client data to organize it into an efficient database structure. Next Seven Lakes’ Field data gathering iPad based app is deployed to let pumpers collect data directly into the network. Having made QC’d data accessible, clients can deploy a variety of data visualization and predictive analytical applications for operations and forecasting.

One happy client is Devon Energy whose data analyst Ken Dalton has endorsed Seven Lakes for its ‘expert professional assistance.’

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