Dxstro’s data replication helps with PTTEP’s data compliance

DXRE replication technology keeps remote asset management systems synchronized.

PTTEP Australasia has leveraged data replication technology from Dxstro to synch data across its South Timor Sea operations including a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel that supports its Montara, Swift and Skua oilfields. To meet regulatory requirements PTTEP needed a computerized maintenance management system (MMS) for the FPSO and selected IBM Maximo as the core of its asset management/MMS system. Then came the challenge of keeping maintenance and procurement in sync between its onshore offices in Perth and Darwin and the FPSO across a low bandwidth, occasionally intermittent satellite link.

The different remote Maximo instances were synched with Dxstro’s DataXtendRE2 flagship, an asynchronous data replication solution that compresses data to minimize bandwidth requirements and automatically synchs data across the linked Maximo instances. Even when connectivity is lost, the FPSO’s instance can still provide maintenance and procurement support, ensuring that PTTEP complies with its regulatory obligations.

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