Aveva announces Information Standards Manager

Aveva’s Nils Petter Ottesen provides the background to Aveva’s new ISM tool.

Aveva Information Standards Manager (ISM) is a software tool for EPC contractors and owner operators that improves project engineering information flows by rationalizing existing code and imposing consistent and compliant standards to improve information quality and reduce project and operational risk. The tool allows owner operators to accurately communicate information requirements to contractors. Contractors working with multiple clients can more easily manage projects that require different standards.

Aveva’s Nils Petter Ottesen explained, ‘There are no generally accepted information standards in oil and gas, if there were, you wouldn’t need ISM. Out of the box, ISM does not contain any standards. These are up to the client. But we are now working to provide ‘best practice’ information standards that reflect typical industry and asset requirements. To my knowledge no oil and gas EPCs and operators are anywhere near 100% compliant with industry standards. But most require some compliance. Maybe not with ‘pure’ industry standards, but they might contain aspects of these such as the ISO 15926 Part 4 dictionary, to ease data exchange between applications and 3rd parties. But although Part 4 brings some value, the reality is that it does not cover everything that is needed. Maybe JORD will be an improvement in this area, but that remains to be seen. ISO 14224 for maintenance and reliability data and the Norsok engineering numbering system are also potential candidates. Note that our best practice standards won’t depend on ISM, or vice versa. But together they will add value, allowing clients to tune them to their own business requirements.’

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