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PIDX RNIF 2.1. Saskatchewan adopts PPDM well ID. API RP17W. New kg from NIST. DBPedia 2014.

The oil and gas e-commerce standards body PIDX has delivered its RosettaNet Implementation Framework 2.0. PIDX also reports progress on XML Price Sheet, a schema for exchanging price information between buyers and suppliers.

Saskatchewan is the first jurisdiction to implement the new PPDM Canadian Well Identification System (CWIS). Released in 2013, CWIS provides identifiers for a well, a well bore and a well reporting information stream. PPDM also reports that BP has contributed ‘hundreds’ of rules to the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) association’s online repository of business and is encouraging others to contribute to the knowledge base.

The American Petroleum Institute’s new Recommended Practice for Subsea Capping Stacks, RP 17W2 includes design, manufacture and usage guidelines for equipment used in the event of a spill. RP 17W resulted from the post-Macondo joint industry task force recommendations for subsea well containment.

After a couple of centuries of relying on a physical standard housed in Sèvres, France, the kilogram’s definition is to change. The US NIST is to link its definition to other constants using a ‘fourth-generation watt balance’ with an ‘absolute uncertainty’ of +/-20 μg.

DBPedia, a structured mirror of the information resident in WikiPedia has a new 2014 edition and now holds some 4.6 million ‘things’ represented. The dataset now has links to Freebase, Wikidata, Geonames and GADM.

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