An update from POSC/Caesar semantic guru

'Prototype’ semantic endpoint is ready for industrial prime time use.

POSC/Caesar’s (PCA) source of data for oil and gas construction and engineering is deployed as an ‘endpoint’ for queries using Sparql, the semantic web’s preferred query engine. But how near is this ‘prototype’ to real industrial use? PCA’s semantic technology specialist Håvard Ottestad told us the following.

The service is intended for industrial use. We are calling it a prototype because we still feel we can make substantial improvements on this latest iteration but the service has existed for 10 years. The previous iteration was a Java based client-server solution without machine to machine support. The current edition is based on semantic web technology.

The word ‘prototype’ is however limited to the service. The content has been production ready for many years. Some of it is based on 15926 part 4, other has been created to work together with the EPIM Reporting Hub solution used by all Norwegian operators. The endpoint is backed by our reference data library which contains an improved version of ISO 15926-4. For this, the best entry point is the ‘class of class’ structure. I also like to point first time users to the Pump class to let them browse the super and subclass hierarchy.

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