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Roger Soape has been elected president of the American Association of Professional Landmen.

Terry Mieni has joined engineer Audubon as VP Offshore Business. He hails from Universal Pegasus.

BP has appointed Spencer Dale to Group Chief Economist. Dale was previously with the Bank of England.

Lisa Hutto is now Senior Process Safety Specialist with Chilworth Technology. She hails from Phillips 66.

Zach Grichor is now VP business development and Mark Laurent VP operations at Circulation Solutions.

CyrusOne is offering a ‘virtual tour’ of its Houston West II Data Center a.k.a. its geophysical ‘center of excellence.’

Industry ‘stalwart’ Dan Piette has joined the Headwave board of directors as strategic advisor. He was previously with Terraspark Geosciences.

Jorge Ordonez has joined Detechtion Technologies as CFO. He was previously with Energy Solutions International.

John Craig is stepping down as president of EnerSys but remains as chairman and CEO. Dave Shaffer has been appointed to the new role of president and COO.

Jeff Miller has been promoted to president and appointed to the Halliburton board. Miller will now ‘complement’ chairman and CEO Dave Lesar’s leadership role.

Integrated Drilling Equipment has appointed Jim Terry as CEO replacing Stephen Cope who has resigned. The company has also named Marty Paulk as senior VP sales and marketing. Terry was with Particle Drilling Technologies, Paulk joins from Key Energy Services.

Abderrahim El Azzouzy is to head up Intertek’s new ‘state-of-the-art’ petroleum laboratory in Tangier, Morocco.

Frank Lusk has joined Merrick Systems as chairman of the board from IBM.

Geoforce has hired Richard Coffman as senior VP sales. Coffman was previously with AccessData.

The Open Geospatial Corp. has appointed Terry Idol as director of its interoperability program. Idol was previously with the US national geospatial intelligence agency.

PBF Energy/Logistics has hired Thomas O’Connor as senior VP, business development. He was previously with Morgan Stanley.

Petrofac chairman Norman Murray has stepped down for compassionate reasons. Rijnhard van Tets has taken his place and Thomas Thune Andersen has been named senior independent director.

Kevin Lacy has joined PetroSkills as executive VP, technical staff and disciplines. He hails from Talisman.

Petrotechnics has appointed Blake Herman, Sheila Berru, Keith Richardson, Courtney Brewer and Kimberly Caulfield to various business development roles.

Christian Garcia, Halliburton, and Nils Røynstrand, Statoil have joined the PIDX International board.

Kathy Mayo is the new executive director of PODS, the pipeline open data association.

Harry Brekelmans is the new projects and technology director for Shell.

Lisa Davis is the new CEO of Siemens energy sector. She hails from Shell.

Mark Bashforth is now president and CEO of US Seismic Systems. He was previously with CGG.

Sandy Hunter is now a non-executive director of WellDog. He comes from Ambrose Resources.

Nina Schofield is now head of HSSE at Wood Group. She comes from Amec.

ION Geophysical has filed a lawsuit against OJSC MAGE and AARI in Russia alleging infringement of ION’s patent for marine seismic surveying in icy waters. ION filed the lawsuit after licensing efforts were unsuccessful.


In our report from the ESRI PUG last month we wrongly reported Tim Downing’s company affiliation. He is with geoLOGIC Systems. Our apologies to all.

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