FME conference presentation highlights open source

Devon Energy uses Safe Software’s FME, OpenGeo and Apache Solr to GIS-enable SCADA.

Speaking at the 2014 Safe Software user conference in Vancouver earlier this year Jerrod Stutzman showed how Safe’s FME flagship is used to manage GIS data synchronization at Devon Energy. The goal was a centralized spatial system for storing and displaying Scada data along with desktop and mobile mapping and ‘Google-like’ search and performance. Devon’s ‘spatial reasoning system’ joins scada data to its ArcSDE spatial database of record leveraging the OpenGeo Suite. Apache Solr provided the search engine.

Devon developed its mobile apps using FME for data creation and synchronization. The open source software stack works across Devon’s four million feature well dataset which is rendered ‘quite fast.’ PostGIS can store all three well geometries on one row, reducing database complexity and cost. FME Server handles scheduling and failure reporting via email.

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