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CGG’s Hampson-Russell unit has released HRS-9/R2.1 with a new lithology log creation tool, 4D seismic modeling functionality and a link to CGG’s ‘Geovation’ seismic processing package. A seismic processing plug-in enables the development of custom processing algorithms.

Christian Michelsen Research unit GexCon has announced Flacs-Fire for computational fluid dynamics modeling of jet and pool fires. The Windows/Linux-based tool targets offshore oil and gas where these are major potential hazards. The tool is available either as an add-in to GexCon Flacs or as a standalone product.

Ecom is claiming a ‘world’s first’ for ‘Tab-Ex’ a family of ruggedized tablets certified for Zone 1/Div. 1 hazardous areas. The units are built on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active platform. Users can to view and interact with Scada/DCS systems, SAP, Maximo, and CAD models. Secure connectivity is provided via Samsung Knox.

The latest release of Paradigm Geolog includes a plug-in for data exchange with Schlumberger Petrel and a new module for log-based pore and fracture pressure prediction for safer drilling. Geolog also includes tools for shale gas analysis and geomechanical workflows developed by Saudi Aramco. Paradigm has also announced Sysdrill 10, an update to its well planning and drilling engineering applications. The upgrade integrates with Peloton’s WellView and MasterView databases and a jar placement module based on technology acquired from Cougar Drilling Solutions.

Schlumberger’s Petrel Shale provides a custom user interface and toolset for unconventional resource development. Geoscientists can integrate geological, geophysical, and production data to define sweet spots, plan well locations and analyze production trends. The Studio E&P knowledge environment provides access to data and results across assets.

Amalto’s ‘Field-to-Finance’ is a field ticket to invoice solution for oil and gas that leverages the Salesforce platform and Amalto’s e-business cloud. F2F is accessible from multiple endpoints including IOS and Android.

The V15 release of Blueback Reservoir’s Blueback Toolbox plug-in to Schlumberger’s Petrel includes over 100 time saving tools for Petrel users and supports the new ‘Ribbon’ interface of Petrel 2014. Highlights of the new edition include a seismic wavelet editor and waveform classifier for identification of facies types.

CartoPac 5.0 extends the mobile platform with support for Windows 8 and introduces a new manager for enterprise geospatial data workflows. The CartoPac Workflow Manager, developed for regulated assets including gas pipelines, and creates an audit trail of edits that enables organizations ‘to show regulators they have a structured process for tracking and responding to the conditions of their critical assets.’

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has launched STEO, a short-term energy outlook data browser providing analysis and visualization of historical and forecast data from its short-term energy outlook service. STEO covers US energy production, consumption, inventories, imports, exports and prices.

Blue Marble GeographicsGeoCalc 7.0 software development kit is now compatible with Microsoft’s .NET 4.0 architecture and includes a new ‘area of use’ polygon extension, an updated tidal datum model and a new ‘concatenated’ coordinate transform class.

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