Strickland WellMetrics builds on M-Files content management

Esri front end provides access to structured and unstructured well data and third party tools.

Fort Worth, TX-based The Strickland Group (TSG) has announced WellMetrics, a well information management solution that leverages technology from Tampere, Finland headquartered M-Files Corp. WellMetrics provides access to structured and unstructured well-related information for geoscientists, production engineers, land and operations personnel. WellMetrics provides an Esri GIS front end to find, view and manage well data and document collections. The system provides document control capabilities and integrates with third party tools such as Aires, Excalibur, LandWorks and Rio.

The M-Files enterprise information management (EIM) system provides configurable connectivity with existing databases and systems and is claimed to ‘eliminate information silos’ and provide access to approved content from core business system and devices. M-Files can be operated as an on-premise, cloud or hybrid solution, reducing demands on IT. M-Files users include SAS, Elekta and EADS. More from M-Files and Strickland.

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