Eldor puts TeamBox into Total’s Martin Linge control room

Epsis’ collaboration tool connects onshore and offshore 'mirrored’ control rooms.

Epsis has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Norwegian control room systems integrator Eldor AS to market Epsis’ ‘TeamBox’ collaboration solution in Stavanger and to enhance Eldor’s offering. Founded by Bernt Eldor in 2006, Eldor has designed and built several control rooms and collaborative work environments for Norwegian continental shelf operators.

The flagship deployment of the combined Eldor/Epsis technologies is in the future control room of Total’s Martin Linge development. The field is located some 170km from the shore and innovates with a subsea electrical cable providing power to the rig (and reducing its CO2 footprint) and by moving the control room onshore. The onshore operations center takes integrated operations to the ‘next level.’ While the main control takes place onshore, a second offshore control room mirrors the onshore facility to ‘ensure security and operational reliability.’

Epsis’ TeamBox lends itself to the mirrored control room paradigm, providing collaboration management and workflow control. The unit allows management of video screens, meeting and workflow orchestration and video conferencing. ‘Complex’ control systems such as touch screens, matrix switches and display controllers are eliminated. Patented workflow management is used to manage and share information across remote sites. Eldor said, ‘Epsis Team Box provides an intelligent solution to content management in the control room. The partnership enables us to provide more flexible solutions in customers’ meeting rooms, collaborative work environments and control rooms.’ More from Eldor and Epsis3.

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