Precyse Technologies’ GPS/RFID REAC deployment

Remote entity awareness and control safety system monitors 1,000 CO2 recovery plant workers.

Precyse Technologies has announced a major deployment of its wireless ‘remote entity awareness and control’ (Reac) system at ten CO2 recovery plants across Texas operated by an oil and gas major. The Reac system is used to track some 1,000 workers operating in potentially dangerous facilities several hundred acres in size. Operators are equipped with ‘xAgents,’ wireless badge transmitters that provide information on worker location, activity and ‘man-down’ detection.

A combination of A-GPS, static beacons and active RFID technologies ensure bi-directional communications throughout complex industrial environments. Software further monitors workers for falls, a panic button press or entering an unauthorized area. In such an event, the system can send emails and text messages to emergency responders, control room operators, security personnel and/or supervisors.

The system provides real-time and historical reporting of personnel movement during normal operations. In the event of a muster, the application displays head count and location of workers as they move to safe points. An OSHA-compliant ‘post muster’ report is generated. More from Precyse.

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