Metso patents plant ‘big data’ root cause analysis

ExperTune unit receives patent for correlating and ranking time shifted sensor data.

Metso Automation has received a US patent for automated root cause analysis (Arca) technology developed at its ExperTune unit. The patent (US N° 8762301) uses time-series data from a ‘primary reference variable’ and cross-correlates it with data from other process variables to determine the degrees correlation and their time shifts. Highly correlated variables with the smallest time shifts are considered to relate to the most likely root cause.

The ‘big data’ approach is claimed to eliminate ‘costly and time-consuming’ steps in the problem-solving process. Metso’s George Buckbee, inventor of record, said ‘Clients see the benefits in energy savings, production increases and quality improvements. With training, a single engineer can perform like a large team.’ The patented technology is available in the current release of PlantTriage, a component of Metso’s control performance business solution. Buckbee observes that as the technology does not rely on process models it is applicable across large process plants with complex interactions ‘where accurate dynamic process models may not be available.’ More from Expertune.

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