Standards stuff

Energistics UoM. N. American production reporting. Open modeling interface. Open Platform 3.0.

V1.0 of Energistics’ unit of measure standard, a dictionary and the symbol grammar has been finalized. The SEG is to refer to the new standard’s UoM ID in its upcoming SEGD3 and SEGY2 formats. PPDM is working to enhance the UoM subject area in its industry data model to align with the new standard.

Merrick Systems is working with Energistics to develop a North American oil and gas production reporting standard.

The Open Geospatial Consortium has approved the Open modelling interface standard V2.0 (OpenMI). The standard lets independently developed computer models of environmental or other processes exchange data and interact as they run.

A white paper from The Open Group introduces its Open Platform 3.0. OP3 follows on the footsteps of OP1 (Unix) and OP2 (the web), promising an amalgamation of ‘cloud computing, social computing, mobile computing, big data and the Internet of Things.’

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