Open dTect roadmap

Seismic interpretation package extended with help from BG, Marathon, Ark CLS.

Version 5.0 of dGB Earth Sciences’ Open dTect seismic interpretation package will be released at the SEG in October this year. Open dTect is delivered under a ‘freemium’ model with an open source base release augmented with commercial extensions from dGB and third parties. Development is also supported by sponsor-led development. The 5.0 release sees a move of the documentation to HTML5 using the Madcap Flare authoring tool and the addition of a connection to Matlab.

A new ‘directional texture’ plugin from Austria’s Joanneum Institute allows calculation of grey-level co-occurrence matrix energy in all directions. Attributes have been ‘pre stack enabled.’ BG Group has sponsored the development of a base map/contouring package while a new ‘finger vein’ fault tracker was backed by Marathon. A ‘Geo-Data-Sync’ developed by Ark CLS provides direct access to Petrel from Open dTect and vice versa—both sans data duplication. More from dGB.

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