Petrel 2014 - The ribbon drives the perspective

Like it or loath it, Schlumberger’s flagship migrates to the Microsoft ribbon GUI.

Schlumberger’s Petrel 2014 will be released next month with a complete refresh of the user interface, the result of extensive usability testing with a couple of dozen key clients - to provide a ’single shared view of the subsurface for all disciplines.’ The new GUI represents a move to the Microsoft Windows ‘ribbon’ interface which in other contexts (like Microsoft Office) has proved a love hate thing. Schlumberger claims the Petrel ribbon has been well received and it does seem to have had more thought put into its organization than its Office equivalent. A logical left-to-right organization reflects Petrel’s broad seismic-to-reservoir scope. For those not convinced, reverting to a classic WIMP mode is possible.

Different ribbons reflect workflow ‘perspectives,’ covering for example geology and geophysics, reservoir and production. A 'drilling and shale’ perspective is to launch at URTech later this year. Extensive usability testing has enabled click counts per task and mouse mileage to be significantly reduced over the 2013 edition. New technology in 2014 includes quantitative interpretation with Western Geco’s AVO, DepoSpace (a Skua clone), Visage geomechanics, Elesevier’s Geofacets and relief well planning with an embedded Olga flow simulator. In a parallel development, Schlumberger is to have its Techlog acquisition running on the Petrel Studio platform later this year and to offer an Ocean APOI for Techlog.

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