Roxar RMS to Go!

Geomodeling solution in the Amazon cloud unveiled at EAGE Bols Museum party.

Speaking in the fascinating if somewhat inebriating Bols museum (just across the road from Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum if you are ever in need of a restorative), Roxar Software Solutions MD Kjetil Fagervik unveiled plans to migrate the company’s RMS geomodeling solution to the cloud. The novel ‘RMS to Go’ solution is currently at the R&D stage but Fagervik showed a proof of concept version of the software from an iPad connected over the Bols WiFi to an Amazon EC2 cloud-based server located ’somewhere in Europe.’

All the calculations and graphics run in the cloud and the graphics are exposed over the internet using Calgary Scientific’s PureWeb embedded cross platform graphics library. Roxar is also working on a cloud-based edition of its DotRox API for remote plug-in development.

We also heard a rumor that Landmark is planning a ‘DecisionSpace to Go' cloud-based edition which might make for a little race to the US patents and trademarks office for the use of ‘to go’ in an upstream context.

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