Total Canada deploys mining software for oil sands data

acQuire’s 'GIM’ geoscientific information management system addresses ‘non standard’ data issue.

Speaking at the 2014 PNEC conference last month Marc Nolte revealed that Total E&P Canada found its Schlumberger software stack lacked key functionality necessary for its Alberta oil sands development. Total’s data management environment, ‘Gadama’ includes Finder, ProSource, LogDB and Decision Point, along with extensive processes for data loading and QC. But these did not cater for the new mining data types. As Nolte puts it, ‘Oil Sands projects are very different. Data is vast and voluminous and projects are very complex.’ In the meanwhile, Total’s acquired affiliate was plowing ahead with ‘non standard’ applications like Minesight, Surpac, and GeoGraphix.

To bring some data management savvy to the table, Total turned to Acquire Technology Solutions, developer of GIM, a geoscientific information management solution for the minerals and coal industries. Acquire provided Total with software better suited to its mining activity. GIM also could be configured to provide headquarters with data in Gadama-compatible format. Nolte gave a strong endorsement of Acquire’s adadaptability to different information management approaches, ‘Even though we're all in the same business, we all have our unique perspectives, ideas and processes.’

Acquire is used to QC and verify Wireline information and surveys as well as preliminary field data loaded into SharePoint. Acquire is also deployed alongside ESRI technology to view rig status during drilling operations and to quality control laboratory and geological information from coring.

Today, Acquire is Total ’single source of truth,’ that feeds HQ, partners, government and project databases. Total also uses SQL reporting and Microsoft SharePoint to publish and display data. Acquire is used in Canada by Shell, Imperial, CNRL and Suncor. More from

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