Crude shipments tracking solution identifies safe tank cars

Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks offer RFID identification of compliant trucks.

A spate of rail accidents, both in the US and Canada, involving dedicated trains or large blocks of flammable liquid tank cars, has highlighted the vulnerabilities of the US DOT-111 certified tank car and resulted in new legislation and the higher CPC-1232 safety specification. To help its clients easily identify trucks that comply with the new spec, Bourque Logistics has teamed with Industrial Networks on an RFID-based solution for tank car identification.

The new solution is designed for use with Bourque’s YardMaster and Railtrac shipping and monitoring tools along with IN’s automated equipment scanning systems. The new CPC-1232 designation will be added to the Railinc’s Umler system, the rail industry’s official, mission-critical source for rail equipment information. Bourque’s tools are tightly integrated with Umler’s daily updates. Canada recently accelerated its deadline to May 2017 for the exclusive use of CPC-1232 rated tank cars. More from Bourque and Industrial Networks.

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