Honeywell’s Leap into the cloud

'Lean execution of automation projects’ methodology supports parallel plant automation workflows.

Honeywell has introduced ‘Leap,’ a.k.a. ‘Lean execution of automation projects,’ a cloud-based service for the design and execution of process plant automation for plants such as oil and gas production facilities. The lean approach ’separates physical from functional design,’ allowing parallel workflows with standardized designs and enabling engineering to be done from anywhere in the world. Leap combines Honeywell’s proprietary hardware and software, virtualization and cloud engineering to provide flexible scheduling and reduced project risk. The approach is claimed to reduce automation costs by ‘up to 30%.’

Traditional sequential workflows mean that automation and controls must be implemented before the rest of the plant can be completed. Leap’s parallel workflows keep automation systems off of these critical paths. Honeywell Process Solutions president Vimal Kapur explained, ‘Automation projects are increasingly difficult to manage as plants become larger and more complex. Leap turns project execution workflow on its head, simplifying what has traditionally been a long and expensive process.’ Moving projects into the cloud allows project engineering to take place from anywhere in the world. Leap embeds three core Experion PKS Orion components, universal channel technology, control room system virtualization and cloud engineering. More from Honeywell.

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