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PODS and OGC team on PipelineML. PPDM releases Version 3.9 of its data model. A historical note on PPDM 4.0. OGP and API team on standards sanctions busting.

The Pipeline open data standards body PODS has posted a draft charter document for the new PipelineML work group, a joint initiative with the Open geospatial standards organization. The group is to develop an ‘open extensible standard’ for the exchange of pipeline data. The will leverage existing OGC standards such as GML and OGC Web Services.

V3.9 of the Public petroleum data model (PPDM) has been released with support for ‘What is a well’ components, faceted taxonomies and sample management and analysis. The ’substances’ subject area has been extended with detailed descriptions of chemical characteristics.

A historical note. Back in 1997, Oil IT Journal, reported on the joint POSC/PPDM ‘Discovery’ project, which was to become PPDM version 4.0! Sic transit...

US and EU trade sanctions are challenging the development of globally accepted international standards. The OGP and the American Petroleum Institute have created a task force to look into ‘a sustainable long-term solution.’ Meanwhile OGP has approved a process whereby new standards are sent to ISO for balloting or publication. More from OGP.

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