Neftex sold

Halliburton’s Landmark unit has bought UK-based Neftex. Technology on show at EAGE leverages open source geoServer API.

Halliburton has acquired 100% of the share capital of UK-headquartered Neftex Petroleum Consultants. Neftex offers an extensive georeferenced database of public domain bibliographic information for explorers exposed in a web map. A demo at the EAGE pulled together chrono-stratigraphical charts from both sides of the Atlantic to compare the development of Brazil’s Espírito Santo basin with Angola’s Kwanza basin. Information on palaeogeography, facies and play types can be pulled into the view. All information can be investigated with palinspastic reconstructions using PalaeoGIS reconstructions from the University of Lausanne.

The company’s GIS systems have evolved considerably over time. Neftex started out with a web mapping application using the Bing Maps API with tiled images produced by Safe’s FME. More recently Neftex has deployed the open source GeoServer API to provide polar projections, web map services and paleo-reconstructed maps. Also of interest (and intrigue) are Neftex’ ‘ChronoCubes,’ bundles of the Neftex products for direct load to Schlumberger’s Petrel. More from Neftex.

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