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The 2.2 release of EnergyIQ’s Trusted data manager implements a full well hierarchy with aggregation and blending rules, attribute inheritance when creating child records of a well, a new IHS EnerdeqML loader and GUI enhancements.

Dynamic Graphics’ CoViz 4D V7.1’s new features include drag-and-drop loading from Schlumberger Petrel projects, LAS well log files and enhanced Sim2Seis and well designer workflows.

Widget specialist INT has announced GeoToolkit 4.3, a C++ library of visualization components and INTViewer 5.0 its data visualization platform that helps fast-track the development of oil and gas applications in Windows or Linux. Versions are also available for Java and C#/.NET.

SGI partners GIS Federal and Nvidia have announced GPUdb a.k.a. Gaia, a highly scalable ‘in-memory’ geospatial database. The GPU-accelerated distributed database is used by the US Army intelligence and security command to render complex geospatial features and heat maps during military operations.

The 10.2 release of Interica’s iAsset E&P data management system includes new bulk data loaders, data audit trails and enhanced mapping. Other improvements cover logging, data cataloguing and selection.

Caesar System’s PetroVR 11.2 allows for on-the-fly switching between production decline regimes to model unconventional wells. New facility cloning functionality helps plan rig mob/demob. Sequential shut-in excess policy has been enhanced and the release includes project level total fluid production roll-up.

Geoforce has announced GT0, 'the world’s smallest RFID/GPS asset tracking device.’ The ’slap-and-track’ device is used to remotely monitor assets ‘too challenging’ for other GPS devices.

Geovariances’ Isatis 2014 geostatistical package offers improved gridding with Bayesian drift and new facies simulation functionality. The new release also offers better seismic functionality and exploratory data analysis.

Oniqua’s ‘intelligent’ MRO streamlines oil and gas and mining companies’ maintenance, repair and operations with cloud-based software and analyst services.

Pronto Software’s Pronto Xi now supports oil and gas enterprise resource planning (ERP) with a single source of enterprise information and process automation.

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