Oil IT Journal interview—Garrett Leahy

Emerson/Roxar is developing its RMS flagship geomodeler into a fully-fledged interpretation tool.

Last time we talked it wasn’t clear if RMS was really ‘doing’ seismic interpretation...

Yes, the seismic workstation market does seem saturated. But the other tools still leverage a pencil and paper paradigm. Our new technology lets you model on the fly. You just put in a few control points and the guided interpretation tool does the rest, producing a set of 3D geological surfaces.

But ‘modeling while interpreting’ is not entirely new…

No. But what RMS adds is a simultaneous quantification of uncertainties in the interpretation. The uncertainty ‘brush’ produces multiple realizations and a fully risked structural picture and rock volumes.

How did this go down at the AAPG. The American market is perhaps not so receptive to ‘uncertainty?’

There is probably less time for modeling and analysis in the North American context, but this is where a tool that speeds up the process comes into its own. In fact reporting requirements are pushing North American majors to risk their reserves.

Is the ability to leverage compute clusters a selling point?

Yes. And we advocate their use early in workflow. Parallel computing is enabled by RMS’ multi-thread/multi core architecture. This is again a selling point as most E&P software is single threaded despite some marketing claims.

You still have some way to go to evolve into a ‘true’ interpretation package?

Yes. Our vision in the past has been somewhat muddled. We did not want to make waves. But the extraordinary effort that has gone into the technology means that we are now pushing it to the next level. We haven’t got all the small bells and whistles yet. But already we are adding value to client workflows with the fast interpretation and simultaneous modeling where we achieve up to a 10 x speedup. The tool is already fully functional and even if we don’t do horizon flattening yet and some other features, these gaps are being filled. More from rss.marketing@emerson.com.

For a sample use case of modeling while interpreting and uncertainty quantification checkout the paper ‘A new approach to quantify gross rock volume uncertainty—application to a carbonate reservoir, offshore Abu Dhabi,’ presented by Khalil Al Hosani et al at the GEO 2014 Conference held earlier this year in Bahrain.

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