TracLabs ‘Pride,’ space station software for oil and gas

Joint development addresses drilling costs with dashboard for project planning and support.

TracLabs is repurposing its ‘procedure integrated development environment’ (Pride) for use in the oil and gas vertical. Pride, originally developed under a contract with Nasa for use on the International Space Station, is a tool for authoring and auditing standard operating procedures used in complex operations.

Pride replaces ‘cumbersome and often incomplete’ paper manuals with a computer-based system providing access to the information needed to operate or maintain equipment. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface helps subject matter experts assemble components such as the equipment required, procedural steps and questions that must be answered prior to carrying out the work.

The toolset targets operators and technicians at rig sites and maintenance facilities and assures that all required actions are taken. If an operator breaks from the instructions, the software can alert other stakeholders for remedial actions. During operations activity is logged to a secure database for tracking, quality control and reporting. Sensor data can be brought into the software to record activity during a blowout preventer test. Nasa has endorsed the toolset which is now available from TracLabs’ Pride Automation unit.

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