iShare@Sea—condition-based maintenance standard for offshore

Creative commons standard promises ‘plug and play’ while eschewing prior art.

As promised in last month’s issue we bring you some chapter and verse on the iShare@Sea open standard for marine equipment maintenance information exchange. iShare started out in 2013 as a TNO-led project funded under the EU 2020 R&D program. Use cases include offshore production facilities, supply ships and lifting vessels. The project set out to address industry wide challenges such as reducing downtime and maintaining equipment in the face of ongoing reductions in people on board. The standard works across different systems and protocols to enable ‘pro-active’ maintenance. Initial scope is the exchange of condition based maintenance data from propulsion and energy generation systems.

The iShare team promises cheaper plug-and-play integration, a platform for innovation and the use of multiple vendors’ ‘best of breed’ solutions rather than ‘proprietary standards’ and vendor lock-in. While these noble sentiments have been expressed in many other contexts, iShare brings one novelty in that its standards-set is delivered under an open ‘Creative Commons’ license. Curiously it appears to have developed independently of existing O&M standards such as Mimosa. Neither does the work refer to ISO 15926, but rather ISO14224, used to log downtime. iShare documentation is available on request from iShare@Sea.

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