API completes divestment of e-commerce standards to PIDX Intl.

PIDX International has satisfied the API’s criteria for standards sustainability.

The American petroleum institute (API) has finalized the transfer of the PIDX trademarks and standards publications to PIDX International which is working to extend these to worldwide standards for the global oil and gas business. PIDX president and CEO, Fadi Kanafani, said, ‘The transfer of intellectual property is a key milestone in our mission to provide effective electronic collaboration between oil companies and their suppliers.’

PIDX International originally received an exclusive license from the API in 2011 but was required to demonstrate its ability to complete a full periodic maintenance cycle of all the PIDX standards and publish them for public review. This was achieved last year to the satisfaction of the API which has determined that PIDX International ‘is now eligible to become the sole owner of the PIDX name and standards publications.’

‘In the past few months, API management and the PIDX International executives worked diligently to bring a close to this PIDX transition,’ said David Miller, API’s standards director. ‘PIDX standards are now the sole responsibility of PIDX International, an organization that has proven capable of serving the eBusiness standards’ needs of our industry.’

We have reported on the bad press that the API has had in recent years (especially after Macondo) stemming from its dual role of industry cheerleader and standards-setter. The transfer has clarified the situation for the relatively uncontentious e-business standards. More from PIDX.

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