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Baker Hughes has announced a mobile application for its WellLink Vision monitoring platform for oil and gas production operations. The new mobile app enables technicians to use a mobile device to access and enter data, actively monitor well information and receive alerts while out in the field.

Sitfal ‘s log plotting software is now available as a free plugin for dGB Earth Sciences’ OpendTect users. Sitfal’s ‘Clas’ computer log analysis software enables log viewing in the free version of OpendTect. For interactive curve editing, multi-well, multi-log curve crossplots and histograms, a commercial license is required. More from dGB and Sitfal.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced CnC, a programming toolset that offers general purpose parallelization of computer code. According to the release, ‘parallel programming is difficult for anyone, especially for the domain expert (as opposed to the computer scientist).’ Conventional programming requires developers to think about what code needs to be parallelized which is both hard and architecture dependent. CnC frees developers to concentrate on computational data flows in terms of producers and consumers, and code controllers and controlees. CnC is claimed to produce more parallelizable and efficient code. CnC was developed under the US Department of Energy’s Exascale software stack (S-Stack) project.

The 1.5 release of Eliis’ Paleoscan increases the size of interpretable seismic volumes and reduces the time required to process and interpret large data volumes. The new release introduces parallel computation on multi-core processors and ‘seamless connection’ with Schlumberger’s Petrel. Other new functionality addresses seismic to well ties with check shots/sonic calibration, wavelet extraction and an interactive well tie window. Synthetic seismogram generation and correlation tools provide a ‘new way to compare geologic and seismic interpretation.’

Midland Valley Exploration has released FieldMove Clino (FMC), a free app for iOS and Android smartphones that acts as a digital clinometers and field geological mapping helper. FMC uses the phone’s GPS location and orientation sensors to capture the orientation of planar and linear features in the field. Notes and photographs can be registered in context. Maps can be imported and data exported as .csv files for spreadsheet use or as .mve files for us in FieldMove.

Sercel’s Metrolog unit has launched iScope, a downhole monitoring system for fast, efficient and frequent retrieval of pressure and temperature data during well testing operations. iScope provides real time information during a build-up test leveraging Metrolog’s iQuartz pressure and temperature memory gauges. iScope can be deployed as a component of a standard drill stem test assembly. Gauge data is sent via wireless to an iScope shuttle at the surface.

At the Houston Offshore Technology Conference this month, TransAct Technologies introduced its Printrex color printer range to the oil and gas industry. The Printrex 920 was developed specifically for use in the oil field and uses thermal technology to produce ‘clear and detailed’ prints for decision-making at the well site. The printer was designed for use in harsh environments and remote locations. The Printrex 980 color is an inkjet office printer that prints continuous well logs at the rate of eight inches per second. The Printrex 1242 12-inch seismic and well-logging printer is designed for desktop use and boasts a printing speed of 4 inches per second.

Sartorially-inclined oilfield workers may be interested in Walls’ new line of apparel from Oilfield Camo. The line includes men’s workwear and hunting items (!), youth (!!) and toddler selections (!!!). Oilfield Camo is said to ‘reflect the pride of the oil and gas industry and provide effective camouflage for the outdoors.’ Presumably the camouflage is required to smuggle the toddlers onto the rig.

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