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The 2014 edition of LMKR Geographix introduces new products, LMKR Volume Attributes and Well Planner along with other enhancements to the integrated geology and geophysics interpretation suite that runs on Windows 7.

Meridium’s Online, a new hosted edition of its asset performance management software, is a scalable, subscription-based solution for ‘Internet of Things’

P2 Energy Solutions Managed Reserves 7.0 brings business intelligence to reserves management with ‘accurate historical hierarchies’ of reserves data. New features in P2’s Tobin data experience include customizable ‘My Areas’ to monitor and alert from areas of interest.

Energy Navigator’s AFE Nav 8.0 adds a web front end that runs on PCs, tablets and mobile devices ‘regardless of operating system.’

Tendeka’s FloQuest 7.0 adds integration of distributed temperature and pressure and other production data types.

Weatherford’s Reveal 360 uses ‘morphological component analysis’ to reconstruct gaps in wellbore images.

APS Technology has announced a dynamic directional sensor for use with its SureShot MWD system. The tri-axial fluxgate magnetometer and quartz accelerometer combo was tested using ‘highly-accelerated stress screening’ and claims a 4,500 hours MTBF.

McLaren’s hosted engineering document system, FusionLive, now includes a business intelligence portal to ‘support decision making and reduce process bottlenecks.’

CGG’s EarthModel Builder, part of the Jason suite, is an ‘affordable’ reservoir modeling solution that integrates with PowerLog.

The 5.1 edition of ETL Solutions Transformation Manager adds code completion and automated naming of data relationships, speeding development time.

GE’s Mentor EM is a new handheld, network connectable electromagnetic testing device that embeds ‘deep’ testing experience for weld, rotary and surface inspections in industrial environments.

Geomodeling Technology’s Attribute Studio 7.4 includes a new spectral decomposition algorithm that improves resolution of channel and valley fill.

The 2014.1 release of ffA’s GeoTeric offers ‘even more holistic’ workflows for improved fault delineation, and interactive facies classification.

The 5.6 release of Industrial Defender’s automation systems manager adds NERC CIP compliance and interoperability with leading IT security technologies.

Ikon Science has released new plug-ins for Schlumberger’s Petrel—for colored inversion, ‘extended’ elastic impedance and rock physics workflows.

iOra’s Edge is a new tool for monitoring the status of iOra’s replicator installations used to synchronize remote instances of Microsoft SharePoint in the oil and gas and other industries.

Kongsberg’s LedaFlow 1.5 simulates heat transfer and gas lift in the annulus. Calculations run on multiple cores offering a five fold speed up.

MatrikonOPC has released an industrial data logger, providing third-party remote data collection and data forwarding to a centralized historian. The company has also announced a
MatrikonOPC UA proxy that allows classic OPC sensors to cohabit with UA environments.

John Perez Graphics3D rig virtual tour provides a multi-media fly around a modern drilling rig.

New functionality in OildexSpendworks ePayables improves reporting and automates invoice coding.

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