Absoft develops SAP portal for Ross Offshore

Joint development addresses drilling costs with dashboard for project planning and support.

A presentation from Norwegian drilling consultants Ross Offshore and Scottish developer Absoft at the 2014 SAP International Oil & Gas conference in Copenhagen this month outlined an SAP deployment that targets North Sea drilling cost reduction. Ross Offshore enterprise resource planning manager Andre Nilsen observed, ‘Drilling projects are so demanding that any system which improves the quality of the work being done has an immediate impact on the commercial viability of a project. This has implications for every person on the platform, installation or vessel, and for every aspect of their work. Everyone needs to be more efficient, more productive and less costly than in previous decades.’

The joint development has resulted in a portal driven by SAP business software that streamlines activities and processes across projects by defining roles, responsibilities and ownership of drilling and well operations. These range from planning equipment and service requirements, to procurement, warehousing and offshore activities, for all personnel. The developers claim a 60% reduction in engineering end user time spent using SAP. Absoft’s Tim Galloway added ‘SAP provides a system where the entire drilling supply chain, engineers, economists, purchasers and drillers, work on a single dashboard aligned with their individual roles and responsibilities.’ More from SAP and Absoft.

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