Axway B2B integration supports Gassco data flow

Pipeline operator assures gas flows to the EU with real time business intelligence.

Norwegian natural gas export pipeline operator Gassco has deployed technology from French headquartered Axway to assure data flows across its network and enable reliable and secure business to business (B2B) integration. Axway B2Bi supports Gassco’s business critical processes and provides real time insight into the data the company and its sellers rely on to supply natural gas to European countries. Gassco’s Arne Ferkingstad said, ‘The Axway B2Bi solution is a key to our 24/7 operations, extracting real time data and providing feedback to our partners.’ B2Bi acts like a business intelligence/data mining tool for streaming data.

Some 130 data feeds were mapped to B2Bi which now converts around 3,000 messages per day, delivering data to terminals so the correct gas quantity is distributed to each EU country. B2Bi embeds the secure AS2 B2B communication protocol. B2Bi is a component of the Axway 5 Suite for control and optimization of data flows ‘within and beyond the enterprise edge.’ More from Axway.

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