Augmented reality-based facility management for oil and gas

Kolor Software’s toolset basis of visual plant management system.

A team of Chinese and Australian researchers have just published a paper* titled, ‘Combining photogrammetry and augmented reality in an integrated facility management system for the oil industry.’ The authors propose an ‘augmented visualized plant management system (AVPM) that integrates two visualization techniques and a cloud-based data server.

Case studies show how operators can pinpoint faulty components using switchable photogrammetric and augmented reality scenes and access equipment maintenance information in the database.

The system is claimed to circumvent issues with current approaches which fail to communicate the complex connections and interactions between the components, such as power, control and information systems. Systems based on drawings are replaced by digital representations, eliminating much manually preparation and contextual ambiguity.

Tools of the trade include Kolor Software’s image stitching and virtual tour packages and the Metaio open-source augmented reality SDK. XML code is generated automatically with Kolor’s Krpano, a ‘small, flexible high-performance viewer for panoramic images and interactive virtual tours.’

* Proceedings of the IEEE Vol. 102, No. 2.

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