Modelica used to analyze offshore oil and gas platforms

ENI presentation combines Scilab and Modelica to perform full physics, risk-based analysis.

A presentation by a team* led by ENI researchers at the 2014 Modelica Association’s conference held last month in Lund, Sweden, demonstrated how the free language for modeling complex systems was used to simulate an offshore oil production facility. Although there are many software tools for simulating oil and gas flow, there is currently no tool that combines physical (engineering/fluid mechanics) with risk analysis. The paper presents a ‘first step’ in the creation of a such a tool for the specification, design and study of offshore oil facilities.

ENI used new Modelica components to simulate single and two-phase flows in a typical offshore plant and higher level tools for stochastic simulation of costs and risk. The risk simulation uses Markov chains and statistical indicators to ‘assess the performance and resilience of the system.’

The model includes wells, two phase flow in jumpers, manifolds, risers and, on the platform, separators, flares and tanks. Cost and risk simulation used Scilab. The authors are now working to up-scale the approach and address ‘industrial scale’ designs. Download the full conference proceedings.

* From ENI, Eurobios, ENS Cachan and Saipem.

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