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Shell re-releases map symbology. Namur finalizes safety instrument standard. Energistics and SEG to collaborate. OData 4.0 gets thumbs-up. TNO releases iShare@sea. Xbrl’s table linkbase.

Shell has released its standard map legend/symbology to industry and academia via the UK Oil and gas producers association (OGP). The release includes support for ArcGIS. Assiduous readers of Oil IT Journal may be experiencing déjà vu as we reported in February 2005 that ‘Shell’s standard legend symbology is to be released into the public domain.’ More from OGP.

The German Namur organization is finalizing the latest revision to its NE93 safety instrumentation standard (SIS) and is seeking volunteers to test a new SIS malfunction, reporting and analysis tool.

Energistics and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists are to explore opportunities for joint open standards for oil and gas.

Oasis has ratified V4.0 of its OData standards for an ‘open, programmable web.’ OData has backing from Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, SAP and others. The standard offers querying and sharing of data from relational databases, file systems, content management systems, and traditional web sites. In other words OData is a head-on competitor for the W3C’s semantic web.

Dutch research institute TNO has announced iShare@sea, an open standard for the exchange of maintenance information from sea-going vessels and offshore platforms. The standard is under ongoing development in an EU-backed Horizon 2020 project. More in next month’s Oil IT Journal.

Xbrl, the financial reporting standards organization, has announced ‘table linkbase’ a new ‘business intelligence’ front end to its data cube.

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