Cyber security round-up

Computer Sciences Corp., Siemens, McAfee, Ernst &Young, Iaitam, Industrial Defender.

Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) has announced AppSEC on demand, a hosted service that lets developers test the security of their applications and ‘bake’ security into their code. According to CSC, current cyber security addresses networks and the corporate perimeter leaving organizations ‘highly vulnerable’ at the application layer. 86% of successful cyber attacks penetrate the application layer while a mere 1% of expenditure goes into application security*. The service is delivered from CSC operations centers using HP’s ‘Fortify’ security tools.

Siemens has teamed with Intel unit McAfee to provide security solutions and services to industrial customers. The offering boosts Siemens’ managed security service offering with a ‘next generation’ firewall, security information and event management, endpoint security and threat intelligence. Siemens’ Siegfried Russwurm announced the deal at the Hannover Messe this month saying that the deal would be ‘an important foundation for the future of manufacturing and Industry 4.0.’ Industry 4 is a current EU buzzword covering much the same ground as the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet and other marketing flights of fancy.

The International association of IT asset managers (Iaitam) has teamed with Ernst & Young to offer IT asset management certification using Iaitam’s ITAM360 program. You may wonder exactly what ‘IT asset management’ entails. The wordy release offers little enlightenment. But the topic is, we understand, to be viewed as a ‘C-level’ requirement in the industry. The participation of an EY specialist in forensic technology makes us think it is cyber related. Decide for yourselves by visiting E&Y or Iaitam.

The latest (5.6) release of Industrial Defender’s automation systems manager (ASM) adds interoperability with third party security technologies, providing a ‘unified view’ across heterogeneous operational technology environments.

* The 2013 (ISC) 2 Global Information Security Workforce Study.

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