Norwegian EPIM updates its data hubs

CGI, Computas, TopQuadrant and OpenText power LogisticsHub and License2Share.

The E&P Information Management Association (EPIM), a not-for-profit organization run by oil and gas companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf, has issued two contracts for its upstream information hubs. EPIM has awarded semantic data specialist TopQuadrant and systems integrator Computas a contract to develop the EPIM LogisticsHub (ELH).

ELH will leverage TopQuadrant’s ‘TopBraid’ semantic technology to improve tracking of cargo carrying units (CCUs) used to ferry equipment to and from offshore platforms and drilling rigs. The solution will serve as the common knowledge base for sharing event data received from RFID tags to capture data across the Norwegian offshore supply chain. A pilot implementation of the hub is to be delivered in 2014, followed by full-scale implementation in 2015. Top-Quadrant’s technology has already been used in EPIM’s environment and reporting hubs. More from Computas and TopQuadrant.

EPIM has also awarded a contract to IT behemoth CGI for the operation and further development of its cloud-based License2Share (L2S) system that manages oil and gas activities on the Norwegian continental shelf and internationally. The contract runs through to 2017 and has a total value of 74 million NOK. L2S provides operators, partners, engineering companies and governments with common IT tools to use in their day-to-day work. L2S is based on OpenText’s content management system and the current solution contains over three million documents and is used by over 7,500 users.

L2S has had an interesting history. In 2011, EPIM engaged Logica (now CGI) to develop a substitute for the LicenseWeb and AuthorityWeb reporting standards. In 2012, L2S was accepting reports from operators as PDF documents. Last year the initiative was presented (by Logica—0603) as a poster child for none other than Microsoft’s ‘Mura’ upstream reference architecture. L2S was said to ‘demonstrate the power of Mura’s foundational principles.’ More from CGI and EPIM.

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