Iron Mountain survey finds major ‘gaps’ in RIM accountability

Records and information management still struggles in face of poor employee engagement.

A ‘comprehensive’ benchmark survey* of some 1,300 records and information professionals finds that accountability gaps threaten corporate records keeping and compliance. While companies lay claim to strong records and information management (RIM) programs, the survey finds that many fall short of their objectives. The shortcomings are preventing organizations from realizing cost savings and expose them to fines for non-compliance with industry and federal regulations.

While 87% had a RIM governance program in place, these lack key elements of an effective program. Only 17% conduct internal audits and assess compliance. A mere 8% can provide metrics on program effectiveness and employee improvement—in fact only 7% report that employees are ‘engaged and supportive’ of the program. 75% complained that lack of automation was preventing the implementation of an ‘efficient and defensible’ retention and destruction program and a healthy 64% acknowledged an inability to break the ‘keep everything’ culture of their organization.

* RIM benchmark survey by Iron Mountain, Cohasset Associates, AIIM and ARMA.

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