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OMG re-pitches oil and gas. APM/Open Group partner on Togaf. Ansys and the Functional mockup interface. OpenGeospatial and Sensor web enablement.

The Object management group (OMG) has toned down its pitch to the oil and gas vertical (as Oil IT Journal reported back in November 2013). OMG still believes that, in the data sharing space, ‘little has been done since the adoption of Witsml,’ but no longer maintains its superiority claim over OPC-UA. OMG believes that the upstream ‘has much to gain from the extensive body of work done on process and information modeling and exchange in other domains’ and is proposing ‘an industry-specific task force’ to cross-pollinate the efforts of other OMG subgroups.

The APM Group (APMG) and The Open Group are partnering to provide accreditation services for The Open Group’s products with an initial focus on Togaf and ArchiMate. APMG’s multi-lingual assessors will help The Open Group enter new markets and ensure quality support of existing standards.

Ansys blogger Sameer Kher reports on a new exchange standard for simulation-driven product development, the Functional mockup interface. FMI help OEMs communicate with their suppliers and share vendor-neutral descriptions of models. Ansys’ ‘Scade’ tools generate FMI-compliant models that can be re-used in third party tools such as Modelica.

The Open geospatial consortium has approved its Sensor model language (SensorML) 2.0 encoding standard, a component of its Sensor web enablement suite of standards used in satellite mission planning, monitoring and alerting. SWE standards are said to be key enablers for the Internet of things.

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