Geocap—seismic for ArcGIS, water column mapping

Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS announced. Point cloud water column data for seep investigations.

Norwegian mapping and modeling software house Geocap has announced Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS, a 2D/3D viewer for seismic data in SEG-Y format. Seismics can be viewed and manipulated alongside cultural and subsurface data. The tool allows for interaction with seismic cubes and extraction of random lines. OpenGL, ‘brick-based’ data transfer provides quality rendering. Selected data can be published as a 3D web scene. The solution ‘avoids the hassle of importing all your cultural data into your seismic interpretation system.’

The latest 6.5 release provides enhancements to the maritime zones plugin which now leverages ArcGIS feature classes and table of content. Other improvements have been made to the international boundary calculator and gridding of multiple datasets. The new data link for ArcGIS includes management of geodatabases, *.mxd, shape files and rasters.

Geocap now also support the bathymetry attributed grid (BAG) standard and allows for viewing and interpreting large water column data sets (up to 12GB per hour of logging). Data can be interpreted as cubes or as point clouds that can filtered and colored by amplitude in order to identify features such as seeps. More from Geocap.

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