Envision VP advocates blended learning for plant operators

Database-driven, full physics simulators and ‘Flip’ learning teach high risk startup/shutdown ops.

Speaking at NRG Events’ Global oil and gas training and simulation forum in Abu Dhabi this month, Envision* VP Santosh Joshi , VP with e-learning and simulation specialist Envision, described how e-learning systems can blend 3D models and full physics simulations for upstream (NGL and LNG) operator training. Technology-driven training blending simulation with other modes of learning can be the fastest path to build competency.

Most petroleum plants have 10 to 20 major processes and it is impossible to have custom OTS** due to resource constraints. DCS-based OTS availability may be limited by hardware and instructor availability and requires prior knowledge of the DCS and process fundamentals. Such tools are unsuited to field and maintenance operators, process technicians and engineers. Joshi advocates ‘Flip’ teaching as popularized by Sal Khan’s Kahn Academy, leveraging Envision’s database driven generic simulators and high-fidelity mathematical Models to deliver task specific training.

The toolset allows operators to devise specific training programs for high risk, uncommon activities such as startup and shutdown and to prepare operators to run the plant without error. Envisions’ learning management systems keeps track of trainee scores and ‘makes sure that your operators are up to the task.’ More from Envision.

* Envision is a wholly owned unit of GSE Systems.

** Operator training system.

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