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The V2.0 release of Blueback Reservoir’s System Center data management plug-in for Petrel provides an overview of the Petrel environment and usage. The new release provides better management of Petrel, plug-ins and Studio.

Startup EarthQuick has announced a beta version of its eponymous software for use in data rooms and other situations ‘where flexibility and mobility is at a premium.’ EarthQuick provides access to 2D/3D seismic and well data from a Windows 8 touch screen tablet.

Apache Corp. has announced a new media and investor center mobile application (Apple/Android) providing news and market information about Apache to mobile devices. The app also provides operating statistics, reports, stock and market performance, presentations and webcasts.

CGG has released Hampson-Russell HRS-9 release 2 with new unconventional capabilities including azimuthal AVO for fracture identification, multicomponent interpretation and horizontal well plots on seismic sections. The new release also offers tools for computing geomechanical properties for well planning.

The EasyCopy Company has released EasyCore, a tool for capturing core descriptions in digital format and embedding them in third party applications.

Version 2.1 of EnergyIQ’s Trusted data manager delivers enhanced capabilities for well data management including a hierarchical view of data based upon the PPDM ‘What is a Well?’ work. The new release introduces system-wide identifiers for enterprise master data management, a web services API, EPSG conformant coordinate transformations and workflow automation for data loading—1006.

The 2014 release of Intergraph Geospatial enhances analytics, mobility and ‘big data’ solutions. Mobile MapWorks provides real-time reporting from the field and a new Erdas ECW/JP2 dev kit for Android, iOS and WinCE that allows developers to deliver high performance image data using Intergraph’s data compression technology. A 64 bit edition of Erdas Imagine addresses big data problems. Data exchange with Esri file geodatabase is also new.

Planar Systems has announced the Clarity Matrix LCD video wall, a 55” screen with a 0.15” bezel and ‘stunning’ image quality.

RSI has announced version 1.0 of Rock Solid Attributes (RSA) for Petrel, a plug-in providing some 80 seismic attribute calculations for relative acoustic impedance, semblance and curvature and more. The package includes the Rock Solid Guide to help select the most appropriate attributes based on geology and interpretation goals. Similar technology is available for SMT Kingdom and SeisWare. RSI is now working on ‘Lithann,’ neural network-driven seismic facies classification.

ZTR Control Systems has announced SnapSite for the iPad, which, used with ZTR telematics hardware, allows for remote viewing of equipment information. Remote assets are grouped together as a site providing drill-down on equipment to check health, maintenance and utilization.

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