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The 2013 release of CMG’s ‘Cmost’ history match and analytics package adds a proxy dashboard, a study manager for collaboration and new sensitivity analysis workflows.

Enertia Software’s data mining tool ‘eGO>’ combines functionality from its eCube and eNav applications.

Safe Software’s FME Desktop and Server 2014 introduces ‘big data in the cloud’ functionality with support for GIS data on Amazon DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift, and S3, Google BigQuery and Esri ArcGIS online.

Geoforce’s GT1 satellite GPS tracking device now has IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 certification for use in hazardous environments.

INT has just announced GeoToolkit.JS, a cross platform library of tools to display of seismic data, logs and scientific plots on anything from desktops to mobile devices.

Ogre Data Systems has announced—an online app for oil and gas reserves and economics bundled with Texas lease production data.

OpenIT’s new LicenseAnalyzer is a function available in the 6.3 release of OpenIT that provides Windows and Android smart phone and tablet users with a dashboard to check and analyze license usage on the move.

One Virtual Source’s new model builder workflow automatically connects to upstream databases to build the well model. OVS also provides virtual metering to optimize flow rate estimation.

The 5000.8 release of Landmark’s Permedia petroleum systems modeller includes a new collaborative calibration system, custom source rocks and features for unconventional plays and more.

The 17.4 release of Petrosys’ eponymous mapping tool includes new depth conversion and 3D visualization functionality. The release is also the first ‘fully 64 bit’ Petrosys edition.

Red Hen Systems has simplified mobile data collection with MediaMapper Mobile 2.0. MMM lets smartphone users collect geotagged video, audio and high resolution imagery on the move.

SherWare has just released ‘Well Profits’ an application for investors and royalty owners to track revenue and expenses by operator and property, and integrate data with QuickBooks.

Schlumberger has announced ‘Vx Spectra,’ a ‘next generation’ gamma spectroscopy surface multiphase flowmeter for offshore and land applications.

SRI International has demonstrated an underwater chemical survey capability, deploying its in-situ membrane introduction mass spectrometry from a Bluefin-12 autonomous underwater vehicle from Bluefin Robotics.

Weatherford International has announced the OmniWell production and reservoir monitoring solution. Permanent downhole monitor data is captured to a scalable data management platform for relay to visualization and analytics tools.

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