Berkana leverages ID’s RTAP SCADA for Olympic Pipeline

Virtual metering solution improves accounting, avoiding requirement for costly turbine meters.

BP North America unit Olympic Pipeline has commissioned a major upgrade to its Scada control system from Berkana Resources Corp. The new automated tank ticketing and virtual metering system provides accurate measurement of product in and out of the tank farm without the expense of turbine meters.

A tank farm just midway along the pipeline’s length is used as a holding space for all three product types (diesel, jet and gasoline) until they are needed for delivery. This site previously relied on sonic meters and hand measurement for product accounting. Berkana has augmented this with a virtual metering system that leverages data from flow computers to provide accurate product accounting.

Berkana’s Paul Zimmerman told Oil IT Journal, ‘We developed the system with Industrial Defender’s Rtap platform running on RedHat Linux. Rtap’s calculation engine and API library allowed us to customize the system without affecting the Rtap kernel. This means that the system can be easily and safely upgraded. Rtap also uses the flexible data storage paradigm of a ‘point type’ rather than preconfigured database records allowing for ‘fine-tuned, case by case design.’ More from Berkana.

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