SAP HANA for Marathon’s Mustang Project

Deloitte helps out with in-memory compute-based data warehouse.

A recent issue of SAP Insider magazine described Marathon Oil’s deployment of Hana, SAP’s in-memory compute appliance. With help from consultants Deloitte, Marathon has implemented SAP NetWeaver business warehouse on the in-memory HANA hardware. Marathon is a long-time user of NetWeaver (2004/09/23).

Marathon’s legacy system, a combination of an Oracle database of SAP ERP financial data and an ETL data pipe to the SAP business warehouse, was suffering from slow overnight loads and inflexible queries. Marathon’s Marty Henderson commented, ‘Our picture was quite convoluted, and the long, complex process didn’t allow us to be as responsive to the business as we would have liked.’ The Hana appliance has displaced the Oracle database and now Marathon’s transactions follow a streamlined path to the data warehouse. Batch data transfers now run four times daily.

The Hana deployment was a part of Project Mustang, an upgrade of other SAP components including SAP ERP, BusinessObjects and Business Planning. The migration started in 2011 and went live last year. Marathon is now monitoring its Hana performance to determine whether to put the rest of its SAP Business Suite onto the appliance.

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